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Business Checking Accounts

Business Checking - Perfect for Commercial Customers

Whether you're a sole proprietor who's self-employed or a small or large business owner, this account will allow you the convenience paper statements at low or no cost. There is a charge of $7.00 per cycle and $.10 per debit, with a $10.00 return deposit fee per item. Businesses offset these expenses with an earnings credit of the Target Federal Funds Rate less 1.00%, with a minimum rate of 0.1% annually of the average collected balance.

Estate Checking

This product holds liquidated financial assets during the probate process. It can be used to pay bills owed by the estate by its executor or executrix. There is no monthly charge for the account. The first 20 checks are provided for free. There is a $10.00 fee per additional check processing. The account is closed once probate is complete and all the assets of the estate are settled.

Other Checking Account Products

Citizens National Bank also offers a variety of specialized checking account products for Non-Profit Organizations, Townships, IOLTAs (Interest on Lawyer Trust Accounts), and other account types. For more information regarding opening these accounts, please contact the Citizens National Bank location nearest you.

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